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The YU Commentator column titled "Unpack with YUPAC" was developed as a partnership between YUPAC and the YU Commentator. This section will serve as a platform for students to express opinions on Israeli policy and the U.S.-Israel relationship. Additionally, it will serve as a forum to feature issues and topics affecting the Jewish community at large, including terrorism, elections, antisemitism, and relevant legislation.

Unpack with YUPAC Journal Archives 

Unpack with YUPAC Journal 2.3.pdf

AIPAC Wednesday Report Archives 

The Wednesday Report is a weekly publication for student volunteers made by AIPAC. This report contains information regarding upcoming congressional races. It is also a useful resource for news and legislative updates.

AIPAC Wednesday Report: 12/7/22

AIPAC Wednesday Report: 11/30/22

AIPAC Wednesday Report: 11/21/22

AIPAC Wednesday Report: 11/16/22

AIPAC Wednesday Report: 11/8/22 

AIPAC Wednesday Report: 11/4/22 

AIPAC Wednesday Report: 10/26/22 

AIPAC Wednesday Report: 10/12/22 

AIPAC Wednesday Report: 10/5/22